The IOTFA Perpetuating Old Time Music Award

This award presented each year since 1979 at the Annual Old Time Fiddle Contest

The 2019 Award goes to Gaye Harrison!

Gaye Harrison, old time fiddler, Motherlode band leader and collector of old Illinois fiddle tunes is certainly deserving of this award.  For the last two years she has been an aggressive member of the Fiddle Contest Committee and has used her talent and experience as a Graphic Designer to greatly enhance our publicity efforts via flyers, radio interviews and newspaper ads.  Her winning personality resulted in many contributions via Contest Program ads from area businesses.  All such contributions to our non-profit IOTFA organization are used to support the Fiddle Fest that includes the Saturday band performances and Sunday Annual Fiddle Contest.  Thanks to Gaye for her support and time consuming work!

Gaye Harrison








The 2020 IOTFA Fiddle Fest and State Fiddle Contest will be held at the Effingham Performance Center on Oct. 24 and 25.

The List of Awardees of the IOTFA Perpetuating Old Time Music Award

1979 Ernest & Deloris Ringo—————- Shelbyville, IL

1980 Archie & Virginia Smothers———- Pana

1981 Professor Halbert Thornberry ——-Urbana

1982 Floyd Staff Family————————-Vandalia

1983 Don & Lorene Hagy———————–Vandalia

1984 Cecil Polley———————————Irving

1985 Chlores & Erma Worlow—————-Mr. Carmel

1986 Raymond & Beverly Easter————Mattoon

1987 Tom & Betty McElroy——————–Lakewood

1988 Tim Stokes———————————Buncombe

1989 Ed Fravell———————————–Orient

1990 Harold McDowell————————-Lakewood

1991 Gilbert & Lillian Wright—————-Beecher City

1992 Barbara Haenny & Family————-Argenta

1993 Louella Wolfe—————————–Pana

1994 Adrien & Eileen Ernst——————Decatur

1995 Junior & Daisy Hobson Family——-Stewardson

and Burl & Maurine Hobson——- –(Posthumously )

1996 Avo McMillen—————————–Tower Hill

1997 Glenn & Dorthea Abbott————–Mattoon

1998 James E. Parsley————————-Allenville

1999 Rod Crawford—————————- St. Elmo

2000 Gene & Pat Sorrell———————–Findley

2001 J. L. Phillips and Connie & Jim Russell-Oblong

2002 Bill & June Morris————————Windsor

2003 Louie Popejoy—————————–Terre Haute, IN

2004 John Coleman “Old Time Disc Jockey”Champaign

2005 Mrs. Bonny Koester———————-Stewardson

2006 Wyatt, Melissa & Everett Frye———Findlay

2007 Steve Reynolds—————————Strasburg

2008 Tom & Theresa Foreman————– Stewardson

2009 Lonnie & Nancy Antrim————— -Stewardson

2010 Ralph & Martha White——————Neoga

          and Ann White—————————–Effingham

2011 Jerry W. Ellis——————————-Charleston

2012 Chester & Betty Burgess—————-Stewardson

2013 Jim Carder———————————-Stewardson

           and Doug Hadfield, (Posthumously)-Charleston

2014 Don (Butch) & Joan Baker————- Neoga

2015 Jeff Derrickson—————————-Mattoon

2016 John Smith———————————-Newton

2017 R. C. Smith———————————-Decatur

2018 Tom Rezinas——————————-Shelbyville

2019 Gaye Harrison—————————-Charleston

Note: the 1982 Staff Family award included the very young daughter, Melody Staff, now Melody Staff Freeman, who is still an active fiddler and keyboardist playing in church and in several bands including the Dennis Stroughmatt Band that will be performing at the 2020 Fiddle Fest on Saturday evening at the Effingham Performance Center.  Melody as served the IOTFA as a contest judge several times including the 2019 contest.