Make a Donation

Donations to the Illinois Old Time Fiddler’s Association help keep old-time fiddle music alive.  Common expenses arise from everyday activities such as postage, office supplies, venue rent, print, and other such items.  A major function of the IOTFA is the Annual Illinois State Fiddle Contest, usually held in October.

Our income to support the monthly meetings and contest arise from various sources.  During the year IOTFA members and friends perform 6-8 or more times at various venues to earn money, typically in the range of $50 to $300 or more, to support the Contest.  Other funds come from, Contest Registrations, memberships,  ticket sales from the Fiddle Fest, cookouts, the Fiddle Raffle, individual donations and ads in the Contest Program booklet. The top three sources are the gigs, advertisements in the Contest Program and Individual Donations.

In recent years the expenses for the contest range from $6,000 to $7,000 and of course, keep increasing.  All other help is gratis from members and friends.  The EPC, also a non-profit with its beautiful space and wonderful staff, and hopefully a small grant from the Effingham Vacation & Tourism Bureau, provide critical support

The Contest production costs arise from prize money, trophies, judges, MC’s, photographers, sound system, venue rent, costs for band(s) on Saturday evening, advertising the contest, printing costs for the flyers and posters, radio and newspaper ads, office supplies, postage and the printing of the Contest Program and the purchase of the Raffle Fiddle.

We would like to improve the Contest by increasing prize monies for each division and paying judges more including travel expenses.  This would serve to attract more contestants from the more distant regions of the State of Illinois.

So your donations are an important part of  our fundraising efforts and thus contribute significantly to the quality of the Contest.  Each contribution, large or small, is greatly appreciated.  Thank you for your support!