Join the IOTFA

Citizens of all states are encouraged to join the IOTFA but only Illinois residents are eligible to compete in the Annual Illinois State Fiddle Contest.  However, the accompanist(s) may be from another state, and of course, everyone is encouraged to attend all of The Fiddle Fest activities.

Where does your money go?

Funds for the memberships are usually placed in the General Fund to be used for routine expenses such as supplies, postage and venue rent.  No one associated with the the IOTFA in any way ever receive any funds other than reimbursements for necessary items.  Only the President and Secretary/Treasurer have the authority to write checks on the Contest Fund or General Fund so when a Committee member pays for printing, a band performance, or any contest item then they are reimbursed for what they spend, if they provide us with an invoice.  Almost all of our income is spent on the  Annual Contest.

Annual Memberships are $10.00 per person or $20.00 /per family, per year.

Online Memberships are no longer available.  hat also means that PayPal is no longer an option for paying for memberships.

The information we usually collect will be similar to that requested in the form on the Web page under Support for IOTFA.

 US Mail Memberships:  Still undecided, more info as it becomes available.

Just send the same clearly written information required for the form below with your check and mail it to [Daisy Hobson, IOTFA Treasurer, 381 N 3100 E Rd, Stewardson, IL 62463.  We will mail your membership card(s) to you. ]  More info later!

In Person Memberships:

You can join in person when attending a monthly meeting.  You can join, using  check or cash, for the number of years you choose, for either individual or family memberships.