Contest Venue Information

The Effingham Performance Center Hosts the Fiddle Fest in 2020

We are delighted to be working with the staff of the  Effingham Performance Center (EPC) who host our annual Fiddle Fest.  The modern facility is spacious, provides lots of parking, has a snack bar, great people, and lovely seating in a large theater with a professional stage.  Below we have provided you with a photo for the location of the EPC in the NW part of Effingham, IL.

Street view of the EPC

Google Earth street view of The Effingham Performance Center, looking north-west.  (The entrance for bands is on the rear NW corner of the EPC.)

The street, Keller Drive, aka IL 32/33, to the NW is quite congested so when exiting I-70/55 from the east or north, the lower or southern most route straight through the stoplight from the exit and past the truck stops is what we recommend.  From the south and west on I-70/55 exit on IL 32/33 and turn left at the stop light, go over the Interstates t the north and left again at the stop light shown in the Google view, onto the southernmost yellow route.  All the yellow roads lead to the EPC.

Google Maps view of The Effingham Performance Center