2021 Fiddle Contest Advance Registration NOTE! The 2021 Contest may not be held!!

Note:  The IOTFA is in flux at this time and a fiddle contest may not be held this year.  More info soon.

Be sure to review the Contest Rules before you register.

There are three ??? ways to register for the fiddle contest:

  1. The day of the contest, $10 fee 

  2. In advance by mail, $8.00 fee

  3. In advance on line, $8.00 fee 

  4. Complete the form on line and pay $10 on day of contest

Contestants may register the day of the contest.  The doors to the EPC will open at 10:00 am and contestants must be completely registered before 12:30 pm.  Drawing for your place in the order of play will be at 12:30 in the registration area.    Please don’t be late or you may be disqualified.

If you wish to register in advance by mail, see the Registration form below to see what items are required, include a check made to IOTFA for the $8.00 advance fee and mail it several days before Oct 19 to allow time for U.S. Mail delivery by Oct 19, 2020.  Send your application to IOTFA c/o Jerry W. Elllis, 2114 University Drive, Charleston, IL 61920

To register online, complete the Registration Form at the bottom of this page.  When you hit the Submit button you will be taken to the PayPal page.

Each constant may enter one of four divisions:

  • Beginner (10 and under)
  • Junior (11-19)
  • Senior (70 and over)
  • Open Division (Nationally Certified!)

Each division provides trophies and prize money to the top fiddlers in their respective category.  Contestants and spectators attend from all areas of Illinois.