Fiddle Teacher Spotlight

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The purpose of this Blog Page feature is to identify fiddle teachers in the State of Illinois and those in surrounding states that are within a reasonable driving distance of nearby Illinois residents.  By this effort Illinois residents can more easily search out instruction for learning to play the fiddle, learn old time fiddling techniques and traditional fiddle tunes, thereby helping fulfill the goals of the Illinois Old Time Fiddlers Association of preserving old time fiddling.

Fiddle teachers interested in the exposure using this feature can provide are encouraged to provide the information useful for Illinois residents to select a teacher for themselves, members of their family and others who are interested in learning to play, or improve their proficiency on, the fiddle.  True to our not-for-profit philosophy, this a free feature of this IOTFA web page.  The fiddle teacher applicants and the IOTFA will have the final approval of what appears as the final version of what will be published here.  Participants may also withdraw their permission for the Spotlight exposure at any time they choose to do so and the IOTFA may also discontinue the Spotlight feature for a particular teacher.  Your Spotlight will appear as a blog post on the blog page, which is searchable via the Categories/Search feature on the sidebar.  The blog post will remain on permanent display as long as you wish and can be updated as necessary.  We encourage applicants  to write their own narrative section revealing what you want to appear on our blog page.  That section might expand on one or more items you responded with in the  required form below.

This Fiddle Teacher identification effort is intended to be a service to fiddle teachers and those looking for a fiddle teacher.  You may also benefit by including a photo of yourself, just e-mail your carefully labeled  picture to  In addition you may submit a video or even a recording and we can link that to your blog post.  Even better would be a link to your recording(s) on You Tube or similar service.

To participate, Fiddle Teachers are asked to complete the free application form shown below and submit it as shown at the bottom.  We will arrange your information in an appropriate form but before we publish it on this IOTFA web site we will send you what we propose to publish and seek your final approval.  This also gives you an opportunity to make any deletions, additions, or corrections that may have been inadvertently introduced.

The initial six lines seeking contact information of a personal nature, home phone, etc., requested in the Fiddle Teacher Spotlight Application Form are for IOTFA use only.  The next six lines are designed to help potential students evaluate your teaching credentials.  We will hope to use what you have written in the last section without serious alterations.