Other Contest Facilitators

Thanks to the IOTFA Members & Friends

There are a number of IOTFA members and friends who play very useful roles in making the  Fiddle Fest and especially the contest flow efficiently.  As you watched the Fiddle Fest your saw Tim Carruthers as MC for the band performances, and at the contest you saw, in addition to the MC’s, Todd Fultz and Mathew Cole, our President, Junior Hobson and Vice President Tom Rezinas.  Most are behind the scenes helpers and we can mention several, some doing more than one task during the weekend;  And Crawford, Keith Crawford, Becky Doty, Tim Lewis, Mike Oldham, Elijah Doty, Karen Jennings, Jeff Derrickson, Daisy Hobson (Treasurer), Lon Antrim, Nancy Antrim, Gaye Harrison, Carol Ellis, Jody Derrickson, Randall Stierwalt, Janet Stierwalt, Leroy Watkins and Jerry Ellis, Secretary.  Also there were a number of accompanists, some we have yet to learn their names.  We’re still working on that but their photos appear along with each of the contestants.

Thanks so much to the professional folks at the Effingham Performance Center.

The members of the staff that we in the IOTFA have directly worked with are the Executive Director: Kim Jansen, Technical Director: Steve Boyd, Ticketing Director: Jayne Goldstein, Sound Engineer: Tim Alverson, Photographer: Gary Stanfield, and while I’ve personally not met the person responsible for House Security: Brian Marxman, we have enjoyed the helpful and patient Security personal who have been on duty during our entire Fiddle Fest. All of these folks have been super helpful with a very sincere in the interest of the success of the efforts Illinois Old Time Fiddlers Association to present a successful weekend program. Thanks so much for all your efforts on our behalf.

And thanks to Pauly’s BBQ of Arthur, IL for some fine sandwiches and condiments.