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Opening Ceremony of the 2019 Illinois State Fiddle Contest at the Effingham (IL) Performance Center, October 27.


The Illinois Old Time Fiddlers Association is a not-for-profit organization. The group was formed and hosted its first fiddle contest in 1965, then incorporated in 1966.  The association is dedicated to reviving and furthering Old Time Fiddle Music, to the preserving of the Old Time Tunes and fiddling techniques, and to the passing on of this traditional form of entertainment to the younger generation.  The young folks are our future!  We encourage you to embrace these goals and become a member of this association.   Please join the IOTFA to share your enthusiasm, your talent and to contribute your expertise to help achieve these goals.  We welcome your participation and appreciate your support.

The Latest IOTFA News:  The 2022 Fiddle Contest is set for October 23.  See below.

The new IOTFA officers are:

President: Lon Antrim- 217-690-3105

Vice President; Jeff Derrickson

Official IOTFA mailing address is:

IOTFA, 8204 E County Road 150 N, Lerna, IL  62440

For mail in memberships send your details to the IOTFA at 8204 E County Road 150 N, Lerna, IL  62440.  Memberships are for the calendar year, $10 for individuals and $20 for family,  Details include name, mailing address, phone # and, if available, email address.

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This home Page  will be where the developments will be reported.  During a recent business meeting the following has been determined:

Note:  The monthly meeting for April will be on the Second Sunday in April due to a conflict with Easter Sunday this year.

Monthly meetings will continue on the traditional third Sunday of the month, 2-5 PM with a business meeting usually following the music.  The venue for these monthly meetings has changed.  The new venue is the Little Ryman Auditorium  of the Altamont Living Museum.  This facility is located at 102 South Main St in Altamont, IL.   Altamont is located SW of Effingham just off I-70 and on US40.  See the photos below that show a map and the building.  In the Google Earth view look for the yellow pin or flag near the top center.

The following meeting/jam will be, as usual, on the third Sunday, and in May, which is the 15th.

2.  Fiddle contest

2022 Fiddle Fest & Contest is set for October 22 & 23 at the Effingham Performance Center, the  same venue we’ve used since 2018.

    Our Web Page and email are still up and running so we can keep you informed of changes as they occur.  Check this page for new developments.

3.  Memberships:  The best way to obtain membership in the IOTFA is to attend a monthly meeting and provide the needed contact info and a $10.00 fee for individuals and $20 for family.  Or mail in the info as indicated above.

Get off I-70 and head north on South Main Street to 102 South Main, the location of the Altamont Living Museum.

The Altamont Living Museum

4.  The IOTFA hopes to continue to do acoustic music programs during this season and as usual, any funds we are paid will be added to the Annual Fiddle Contest Fund.  For your convenience the details of those gigs will be listed here in chronological order as the details become known.

List of OF performance dates in the east central IL area:

The IOTFA fiddlers will be playing at the Five Mile House on Sunday July 10, 2022 from 1:00 to 2:30.  The venue is about five miles SE of Charleston on Route 130 at a junction with the east bound Westfield Road.  The Five Mile House Foundation presents a Summer Program from May through August on alternate Sundays from 1-4 PM and attendance is free.  The programs include music, demonstrations and a presentation on a historical topic starting at 2:30 pm.

Jerry W. Ellis, the IOTFA web page guy.